Breakfast@10 St Mary’s Church Beaminster 29th July 2018

A month with five Sundays only happens four times per year. When we have a fifth Sunday we celebrate with a team service called Breakfast@10. Join us this week, 29th July at 10:00.

Breakfast@10 is an informal cafe style service. We gather around tables and share breakfast together. We provide a bring and share breakfast buffet, so bring something to share if you would like or just enjoy what others provide. We always have more than enough.

We begin worship with singing, followed by a bible reading and short time of teaching. Then we have discussion around the tables or engage in an activity related to the theme. We gather back together in prayer and share our thoughts or creativity. We end with a final song and blessing.  Breakfast, fellowship, worship, teaching and prayer all ages together and all done within an hour.