Tea Church

Tea church is a different way of gathering to talk about God.

We will meet in St Mary’s Church Beaminster at 16:00 on 22nd July 2018 to share tea and cake. All ages are welcome. There will be toys available for little people and the Lego will be out too.

We will begin by reading the bible together. Our passage this week is John 20:1-2, 11-18 (read here)

We’ll then watch a ten minute video before beginning our all-age discussion. Children can join in with the chat or take part in an activity instead. The session ends with us listening to music together and praying.

All are welcome for this short (under an hour) service of chat, exploration and worship.

And finally, an image to inspire or challenge you. What does it feel like when we are all in tune with God? Anything like this?