24 Hour Prayer Space

Come visit St Mary’s Beaminster from 8pm today (5th June 2019) and join us in 24 hours of prayer for the world, our nation, our communities and ourselves. Or join us online.

Our The Kingdom Come 24 hour prayer space will be open with creative ideas of how to pray and space to be. If you can’t get to us then you can join in virtually. Can you spare an hour to pray?

We’ve set up prayer spaces in the church which will be open for 24 hours so you can join us any time of day and night.

For those of you unable to join us at St Mary’s you can pray along with use via 24/7 Prayer an online prayer resource. You can sign up to join us in our own unique online prayer room by following this link.

Ways to pray

  • Think of five different people you would love to come to know Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts and lives.
  • Think about your local area. Think about the issues that people face in your local area. Ask God to help.
  • Make a cup of tea, find somewhere comfy to sit and have a chat with God.
  • Review your day with God. Thank God for the things that have brought you life and joy today. Ask God to heal anything that has been difficult or traumatic.
  • Write a list of all the people who are in your mind or on your heart at the moment. Ask God to bless them.
  • Open your bible and read a passage of scripture. What do you like? What is important? Where are you?
  • Find a pen and piece of paper. Draw or write anything that comes into your head as you spend time with God.
  • Read a psalm and then have a go at writing your own.
  • Listen to some music that calms you or energises you, sing praises to God.

Find more ideas on www.thykingdomcome.global/