Beaminster Big Green Day

The big event in the town this month is the second Beaminster Big Green Day on September 30th from 10:30 to 15:30.

Beaminster Area ECO Group, local schools, Beaminster ECO Church, and many other organisations will be showcasing sustainability.

Stalls will be in the Public Hall and outside in the Square.

Also Bridport Bikes will be bringing some electric bikes to have a go on. These will be in the town playing fields.

Come and find out about what Dorset Wildlife Trust is doing and Dorset Climate Action Network with the exciting Great Big Dorset Hedge project. So far several hedges have been surveyed for health, species, wildlife in our immediate area. There will be information on hedgehogs and a beehive display panel.

There will be lots of things for children to do and have a go at. Energy Local Bridport is bringing a small solar panel to power some electrical games. ECO Church will offer making models of bees and seed fat balls for birds this winter. A large roll of paper will be available for a collage of ideas and paintings of wildlife, flowers, trees etc. that we see all around us.

There will be goods to buy e.g. a Waste not Want not stall, local honey, vegetables, and milk and fruit cordials from Liberty Dairy.

Clipper Teas is serving teas in the Square and WI scones, tea, and coffee will be available in the Public Hall.

Gillian Perrrott