Thy Kingdom Come Day 1

Thy Kingdom Come Day 1 #Pledge2Pray

We visit our primary schools every week and our other schools regularly or at their invitation.

Today in collective worship we were thinking about patience and how we wait patiently. Abraham and Sarah waited patiently to become parents and God was faithful to them.

Pray for our schools, for all that work in education, for children and staff. Pray for patience and peace in our learning communities. Pray for faith to grow and be nurtured. Pray for all those who find the school environment challenging. Amen

Parrett and Axe School Explore Easter

Today we had Key Stage 1 children aged four to seven years from Parrett and Axe School visit St Mary’s Mosterton to explore the Easter story.

We talked about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day with activities linked to each part of the story. Then the older children joined us in church for a service where we retold the Easter story using our Hosanna banner, Palm leaf spinners, chalk crosses, Lego crosses and butterflies.

We reminded ourselves that the Easter story is about hope and new life, it doesn’t end with sadness on the cross but in joy with the resurrection.

Thank you to members of the congregation at Mosterton and Foundation Governors who supported the morning.