Rev Chat – Episode 43

David and Jo return for another episode of the Rev Chat podcast, but the theology is no picnic.

Rev Chat – Episode 42

David and Jo return to the garden once again for another dose of chat. This week on generosity.

Rev Chat – Episode 41

We’re Back! Yes David and Jo are finally back in the same vicinity after filming Rev Chat via Zoom since March.

Rev Chat – Episode 40

David has some trouble with a local moggy, and Jo and David continue to discuss Matthew. Yes it’s this week’s episode of the Rev Chat video podcast from the Beaminster Area Team.

Rev Chat – Episode 39

This week Revs David and Jo continue their exploration of Matthew with “come follow me”.

Rev Chat – Episode 38

This week Revs David and Jo continue their exploration of Matthew, bandwidth allowing.

Rev Chat – Episode 34

Revs David and Jo bravely tackle this week’s theological conundrums despite the Beaminster Team coming under attack from the Luftwaffe of the insect world.

Rev Chat – Episode 33

It’s the end of an era as the youngest Neary leaves primary School. Plus we’ve got some good old-fashioned Hell and damnation.

Rev Chat – Episode 32

This week David looks forward to the start of the cricket season; and David and Jo discuss the parable of the sower.