Christian Aid Week 2018

Christian Aid believes that people should ‘have life before death’, and Jesus urged us to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’. By supporting the work of Christian Aid we can help to achieve both of these things.

Here is one example of what can be done. Meet Vilia. When an enormous earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, it destroyed Vilia’s entire neighbourhood. As she frantically searched for her home, for her mother, for safety, she was forced to step over dead people’s bodies. Villa never found her mother. Grieving and homeless, she took her family to her home town in search of safety, but couldn’t find anywhere to stay. So even though Vilia is a strong person, life was incredibly difficult for her.

Then Christian Aid’s partner in Haiti KORAL reached out to help, building Vilia a new home that is strong enough to withstand natural disasters. Vilia’s new house made her incredibly happy, and because of her kindness it’s done more than that. One terrifying night in 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti and destroyed many homes in Vilia’s neighbourhood. One by one, Vilia’s neighbours fled to her house and were welcomed in. As the storm raged on, she opened up her home, sharing food and shelter for many days. Despite the hurricane’s ferocity, her new house remained intact apart from one lost roof panel. This is just one story among many of those made homeless by natural disasters or warfare.

More than 65 million people in the world today have been uprooted from their homes. This Christian Aid Week we’re standing up for displaced people. We’re opening our arms to people who have lost everything in Haiti, forced to leave their homes after unimaginable disasters. The money we raise will transform lives.

We are called to show love to all – especially the most vulnerable. Please support Christian Aid Events or house-to-house collections in your Parish and also with your prayers. Christian Aid wants to build a future where every person on earth is safe and able to thrive, treasured as a child of God.

  • Judith Hansen, Local Christian Aid Organiser

There are plenty of events taking place in the Beaminster Area Team Ministry during Christian Aid week and you’ll find them by following this link – Christian Aid Week 2018 Events