Hooke Sunday School Explores Change

Our Sunday School meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 10.15 followed by our Family Service. We generally follow the Lectionary Reading for the day, and Easter 2 was the reading from John’s Gospel Chapter 20 v19-31. We learned how the lives of Jesus’ disciples were transformed by the Holy Spirit, after seeing Jesus re-appear to them whilst in a locked room.

We discussed how words can be changed. We found pairs of opposite meanings. We found ways in which people can think differently and their lives can be changed. We found ways in which objects can be changed: ie polystyrene cups into shakers for accompanying music. The young people decorated the cups and filled them with a selection of substances. They experimented to find out that the different fillings produced different sounds: low and high; mellow and tinny. The young people then used these instruments to accompany a couple of the songs in the Service which followed.

Joy & Pat