Hymns and Pimms

Hymns and Pimms returns to Seaborough Church this Tuesday 18th July at 6 pm. 

As ever there are your favourite hymns and readings. Followed by lashings of Pimms. This year there’s a loose theme along the lines of Crusade, People and Landscape – all connected to Seaborough and the Axe valley. 

You will learn answers to all your pressing questions:

What links Seaborough to the Hymn Onward Christian Soldiers?
Why is the Siege of Damietta in 1219 relevant to Seaborough?
How much were ‘scolding women’ fined in 1485 – and 50 years later?
What was the ‘awful visitation’ on Christmas Eve, 1839?
How much lemonade should you put in your Pimms?

Please do bring any friends and family and pass the word to anyone else who might wish to come.

See you on Tuesday.