Join us for Tea and Cake

Tea church – might that be for me?

I wonder if you come to Messy Church with your children? Perhaps you hang out on the blue carpet on Wednesday or come to 10.15@Salway Ash once a month. We have lots going on for families now in the team but I wondered whether there is room for something for us parents? Tea church might fill that gap for you?

There will be tea and cake when you arrive – come and sit round a table and chat. Then we will have some cards on the table with some questions to get our chat focusing on some more spiritual issues. You don’t need to know lots about God or faith but you perhaps want to find out more, to ask questions, to seek for yourself?

We will then look at a passage of the bible together and ask what is might mean for us, today. Then we will pray together, sharing some of the things that concern us and asking God to be involved in them and change things.

The event takes place from 16:00 to 17:00. An hour out of the day for you. You are welcome to bring children if you want to – but also welcome to come on your own if you prefer.

Have a think, get in touch if you want to know more and perhaps we will see you at 16:00 on Sunday 28th October at St Mary’s Church Beaminster.