Messy Church Holy Spirit

Lots of ways for children and families to celebrate and enjoy Pentecost this week.

This weekend we celebrate the feast of Pentecost when we remember the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples. I’ve put lots of links below to activities and videos. But perhaps the most important is joining in with the biggest Messy Church ever, online, Saturday 22nd May at 3pm via the Messy Church YouTube channel.

If you want to hear the story of Pentecost watch our collective worship video here:

You could make some paper bunting to decorate your house or garden –

Or perhaps try making a paper helicopter or a kite –

What about a flame painting –

You can join in with the biggest Messy Church ever online at 3pm on Saturday afternoon via the Messy Church YouTube channel –

For more information about the biggest Messy Church have a look on the official Messy Church website –