Messy Church Live

Join us on Saturday 9th May for a live streaming version of Messy Church – worship for all ages in a fun and messy way.

Messy Church is still on, or at least we will be on Facebook Live at 16:00 on Saturday 9 May 2020

Join some of the Messy Church team at our normal time, 16:00 on Saturday 9th May 2020 where we will be exploring the story of Jesus walking on the water.  Find us live at 16:00 on our Facebook Page. The video will then be available on our website later. 

We will tell the story, make a craft, provide some ideas for home, sing a song, pray and then share a snack together at the end. 

If you want to join in the craft live you will need some apple slices, a few cocktail sticks, some paper, scissors and a pen. Cut the apple into round slices, across the whole apple. No need to core it! 

Take a look at this link if you want to see what we are planning to do. 

You might also like to have a go at making a paper boat. Here’s a webpage that will show you how.

If you want to stay and eat a snack with us at the end, then make sure you have a drink and snack to hand for the end of our time together. 

If you want to get in the mood before Saturday this is the story we are going to explore: Jesus walks on water Matthew 14:22-33

And this is the song we will be singing:

Finally – at the end of Messy Church we will be setting you some challenges before we meet again in June. 

Here are our challenges:

  • Have a go at making some boats and floating them in the bath, paddling pool, stream. Take a photo of your boats and share them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @beaminsterteam or send them to 
  • Have a go at this science experiment to do with floating and sinking 
  • Make something out of Lego that floats and take a picture or a video.
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