Rector’s Weekly Update

The Beaminster Area Team
From the Hub update Friday 17th June 2022

I am often asked about churchwardens and what do they do. The following description of the role of churchwarden was given by the Registrar at the Archdeacon’s Visitation and Commissioning of Churchwardens service in Bridport this past week.

Churchwardens are officers of the Bishop and lay leaders in the parish. Your role, by Canon Law, is to be foremost in representing the laity and in cooperating with the incumbent; by example and precept to encourage parishioners in the practice of true religion; and to promote peace and unity among them.

As senior lay leaders within the Parochial Church Council you will lead them in their responsibilities for the fabric and furnishings of your parish church and, where there is a churchyard, see that it is properly maintained. You must ensure that alterations and repairs are only done by authorisation through Faculty. You should ensure that the records of the church’s land and property are kept up to date.

With the help of God, and along with all the baptised, you are called to holiness of life, and to be persons of integrity, recognising your responsibility for the tasks entrusted to you. We give thanks for all the churchwardens in our Beaminster Team and pray for them as they carry out their responsibilities on our behalf.

Online Worship at Home video services continue even though churches are open. The online community continues to be an important part of our church – such as our increasingly popular Gin Church. As usual each Sunday’s video service will be available on the day before. We hope you continue to enjoy our weekly Rev Chat video. And in person in Beaminster you can join us for Baby & Toddler Group on Monday mornings and our Walk In Wednesday social gathering on Wednesday mornings.