Rector’s Weekly Update

The Beaminster Area Team
From the Hub update Friday 21st October 2022

I have invited Anna Hardy who is the Diocesan Stewardship andFundraising Advisor to attend both the meetings of the Team Council and Deanery Synod. I have received some excellent feedback from other parishes and Rural Deans about the presentations that Anna has given to them. 

One area that has proven to be of interest, as well as profitable, is the purchase and installation of Card Reading machines into churches. I know that two of our team churches have purchased card readers and that others are considering this. 

Both of these meetings will take place in St Mary’s Beaminster starting at 7pm. The Team Council Meeting is on Monday 31st October and Deanery Synod is on Tuesday 8th November. The Team Council meeting is open to anyone from across the team and Deanery Synod will be open to any church Treasurers to attend alongside elected Synod members. 

Last week I wrote of the death of Marjorie Aird. Marjorie’s funeral service will take place on Wednesday 9th November at 2:15pm in St Mary’s Beaminster. 

I have been truly humbled at the response that I have received to the £10 challenge since last week the total has now surpassed one thousand pounds and stands at £1085. May I thank you all for your kindness and generosity, I am still happy to receive further donations in the usual way, an envelope marked Talent left in the church office. 

I have been praying about how this can be distributed. If you know of anyone who is feeling the effect of the present financial situation, please encourage them to speak to me. 

Next week is a fifth Sunday and there are team services at Beaminster at 08am and 09:30am, Broadwindsor at 11am and the Annual Memorial Service to pray for our loved ones, dearly departed, at 4pm. Plus the usual Worship at Home video service. You can still leave names with Anne in the Team Office until next Thursday and we look forward to seeing you at one of these services.




Help the Prout Bridge Project
On the 1st of December local charity The Prout Bridge Project launched a Crowdfunder campaign ‘Support our Future: Prout Bridge Project.’