Rector’s Weekly Update

The Beaminster Area Team
From The Hub Covid – 19 Weekly Update 21st August 2020

As we come to the end of another Covid week there have been a few changes and updates to the Government’s guidelines.

Firstly the numbers that can attend funerals can exceed the previous limit of 30, however this is still controlled by the numbers that can safely get into our buildings strictly adhering to the social distancing requirements. Secondly it is now possible for small choirs, obviously in number and presumably not stature, to accompany congregations during services. Again however congregational singing is still prohibited (please note I only report the guidelines I do not make them up). Finally we can now hold small (again make your own definition up) concerts in churches. These will be controlled by the number of people that each church has worked out can be got into their building whilst strictly adhering to all Covid safety guidelines.

Thank you to all PCC Secretaries for your help in getting all the required notices ready for this year’s APCMs. This is a critical role as we can be challenged on the legitimacy of meetings being held if we fail to give the required notice and this was raised a couple of years ago in Netherbury when the notices were displayed one week late. Next week I will send out an amended list of PCC meeting dates if they are required for the autumn.

When Jo returns from her leave we will be meeting to discuss how we can arrange the traditional services that make up our autumn and Christmas programme. These will include the annual Memorial Service for families we have extended funeral ministry to this past year, the annual Acts of Remembrance, and Advent and Christmas services. Whilst guidelines may change we can only plan on what practise is allowed at present. I will of course have this dialogue with churchwardens as well.

Please note that for most of this week and into the beginning of next week I have no broadband connection at home so I am having to use the office broadband to access my emails and files. If you require an urgent response to a query please call me and I will respond asap.

Once again thanks to Anne and Harry and all of yourselves for your continued help and support.