Rector’s Weekly Update

From The Hub Covid – 19 Update Friday 30th October, 2020

You will be pleased to read that, as far as I can see, there have been no changes in the Covid safety regulations/guidelines during the past week. I would like to thank the parishes that have now sent me their updated risk assessments with choirs singing at services.

We have two team services this Sunday at 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm at which we will be remembering our loved ones who have died. Uptake of tickets to allow safety has been slow, which I think is not unsurprising at this time. If you would like to attend please call me or email me and I will confirm availability of places for you, if you would like a loved one prayed for at the services please let me have their names by tomorrow.

Next Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and we are helping our parishes take part in this annual moment of national thanksgiving for those who have given their lives in past conflicts. This year we will also be remembering all those whose lives are affected by loss in conflict, those who survive with lasting injuries, and praying for peace and reconciliation going forward. I have asked Anne to send a copy of the service which Rev Chris Luckraft has prepared for use in church and I will be sending the shorter form of this service to those parishes which are holding their gatherings at outdoor venues. May I remind those meeting outside that they must have the permission of whoever owns the land and that you must be able to guarantee adequate stewarding to comply with Covid Safety regulations. If you would like more information on these please contact me.

I have been very encouraged by the PCC meetings that have been held over the past couple of weeks and the honest realisation that how we celebrate Christmas this year will be very different. The inventiveness and ideas of how we the church can help our communities celebrate the true meaning of Christmas is really exciting and I look forward to the remaining meetings to discuss and share further ideas. This year will give us the opportunity to try new things and not just offer the same as every other year.

Assuring you all of my continued prayers and Stay Safe.