Rector’s Weekly Update

Hello to you all. We have survived another week and I am sure that many of you, like me, wonder where time goes. Thank you to all who have kept in touch either through emails, phone calls and through ZOOM – it has been good to hear all that is going on across the team and in your communities.

I am constantly impressed with the ingenuity that you are all using, I love to hear about the daily music requests from Broadwindsor blasted out across the village from Margery’s window. I keep looking out for it on Spotlight. Then there are the many ’Where Am I?’ photograph challenges and I heard that Toller is turning it into a fundraising opportunity for charity. Jo Stephenson in Toller is planning on holding a virtual Cream Tea fundraiser for Church funds. I hope they all get the jam/cream conundrum right. Last night Beaminster church was lit up blue by a local company in what they hope can be the first of many such lightings across our villages – it was called ‘Light it Blue – Clap for the NHS’.

Due to the timing required for the print run with Team News I have had to make a decision on the June edition. Following conversations with the Editors, Creeds, advertisers and some village distributors, and based on the Government restrictions still in place regarding unnecessary travel and localised social contact, I decided that we will ask Creeds to produce a pdf copy for the website so that the June edition will look like what you would receive in person.

Please continue to circulate this update to as many people as you safely can and do continue to let us know of anyone who would appreciate a call. I am on my post Easter leave next week and will be mourning the loss of the Dorset Cricket season.


Thanks to those who got in touch about life under lockdown. If you have the capacity to send me a comment and a photo from where you are then these could be added to the beginning of our worship, to help us connect to each other virtually. 

Please do feel free to circulate as widely as is useful any of our online services, collective worships, Rev Chat or our social media feeds. We still come across people who don’t realise that we are still actively worshipping together. If there are members of your church communities who don’t have access to the internet do give them a ring and perhaps share the weekly update and something about the online worship.

We have started producing a recorded act of collective worship for our schools. The first one went out this week. We’ve had some lovely feedback already and as ever, the reach is always beyond our intended audience. God is doing good things and I am learning, again, that all I need to be is faithful and he does the rest.

Next week we hope to do a Facebook live stream for Messy Church – but more details next Friday. 

Finally – join us for Zoom coffee on Sunday, perhaps after having watched the online service. This is a good way of joining together and sharing conversation and seeing faces from beyond our own villages. If you need help connecting to Zoom please do get in touch.