Rector’s Weekly Update

The Beaminster Area Team
From the Hub update 6th August 2021

As I have travelled around the team churches over the past month I have noticed that the Pew News has not always been available.

At the recent Church 2030 conversations one of the areas that had previously been seen as an area of weakness across the team was communication, both from the centre and between churches. I know that the PN is only one way of communicating, but it is a significant one. Not only is it a way of passing on information, it also allows for the reader to continue using the weekly
readings and prayers in private times of devotion. If you have chosen not to have your PN copied in the office please make sure that whoever is responsible does so at home.

Between September 12th and October 3rd we are all encouraged to take part in the Diocesan led Generous Giving campaign. I have addressed this at the recent round of PCC meetings and over the next few weeks we will distribute the personal guide pamphlets to church members. We will be considering God’s gifts to each of us, and what our response may be. On each of the four Sundays we will be preaching on one point of the campaign. I will be writing more on this over the coming weeks.

This week we are praying for the parish of Stoke Abbott – for their Church Wardens Annie and David, all who serve on the PCC, and the whole village community.

Fiona returns from leave today and Jo begins her two weeks of summer holidays. Please call me if you need help or advice during this time.

Thanks to all who came along to Baby & Toddler Group – the group takes a break for August but will be back in September.

Online Worship at Home video services continue even though churches are open. The online community continues to be an important part of our church. As usual each Sunday’s video service will be available on the day before. We hope you continue to enjoy our weekly Rev Chat podcast.