Rector’s Weekly Update

The Beaminster Area Team
From the Hub update 27th August 2021

Thank you for the conversations I have had across the team regarding the return to post covid church. One area I will be discussing with the staff team next week is how we try to return to receiving communion in two kinds. We are still being advised against sharing the common cup, so have to work out the logistics of how we can do the possible alternatives especially in Beaminster with congregations of 50 people. In the meanwhile we will do our very best to ensure the safety of all those who come into our churches to worship or to visit.

Thank you to all those who helped with and supported the childrens’ holiday event at Drimpton last Wednesday. It was wonderful to see 70 children plus their families all enjoying the fine sunny weather.

We are fast approaching the season of Harvest festivals with many of our churches preparing to hold harvest meals and BBQ’s. Please keep a look out for further information either here in the coming weeks or in the Team
News and make an effort to support these events even if they are not in your church.

The prolonged Harvest Festival Season is almost upon us. To find out about Harvest Services and associated suppers/lunches please look on the parish and service rota pages in the Team News. Each parish has their own distinct way of celebrating Harvest and we would love to see you and welcome you at these events, even if they are not in your church. In our cycle of prayer, we pray this week for St Mary’s Beaminster; for churchwarden Judith, the PCC, congregation and all who visit the church.

Online Worship at Home video services continue even though churches are open. The online community continues to be an important part of our church. As usual each Sunday’s video service will be available on the day before. We hope you continue to enjoy our weekly Rev Chat video.