Rector’s Weekly Update

The Beaminster Area Team
From the Hub update 3rd September 2021

As schools return this week, we welcome the new headteacher at Salway Ash and all new staff across our schools. There is still a certain amount of uncertainty regarding the potential rise in Covid cases as large numbers of adults and children come together again, but I know that every effort will be made to protect one and all.

I am often confronted with comments that the church does “nothing for the children in our community” so I think that it is worth recording that every primary school child has a weekly act of worship led by Jo or Fiona and at the highschool I lead worship twice a term. We provide as a team 20 volunteers who act as foundation governors although we have some vacancies. If you feel that this is something you could consider doing then please speak to me.

In addition, the After School club in Broadwindsor has proved very popular, baby and toddler group on a Monday is going strong, and Messy Church continues to meet each month. We have just completed our annual school holiday clubs which were attended by over 120 children plus their parents, grandparents, and carers. We also have monthly family services in Hooke and Salway Ash. All in all, not bad provision I would say.

A reminder that the baby and toddler group is back on Mondays through September, you can find more details and book your free ticket on this page.

We are tasked as clergy by our archbishops with seeking the opinions and views of as wide a constituent as possible on the Living in Love and Faith Report on Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships, and marriage. This is a major consultation in readiness for continued discussion and debate. After consultation with my deanery colleagues we are going to undertake the sessions over six weeks as a joint deanery event in St Mary’s Beaminster beginning in mid October. We will be joined at one of the sessions by The Venerable Alan Jeans, Archdeacon of Sarum who is the Diocesan Advocate for LL&F. I will be sharing more information with you all in the coming weeks.

Online Worship at Home video services continue even though churches are open. The online community continues to be an important part of our church. As usual each Sunday’s video service will be available on the day before. We hope you continue to enjoy our weekly Rev Chat video.