Rector’s Weekly Update

The Beaminster Area Team
From the Hub update 17th December 2021

This is the last weekly Pew News of the year. There will be a PN which covers the Christmas and New Year services but it will only contain the Collects and Post Communion prayers, so I would like to thank Anne for all that she has done to support the clergy and team in what has been a very strange and at times frustrating year.

There have been no changes to the Covid guidelines this past week so I remind you that it is compulsory to wear face masks in all places of worship. Throughout this pandemic my mantra has been that if people feel safe they will come and take part in worship and simply if they do not, they won’t.

After all of the goings on in parliament this week I stand bemused over the civil liberties argument. With liberties come responsibilities and whilst I would understand that I should have the right to go about doing what I feel I have the right to do, I also recognise that I do not have the right to put others in danger
whilst doing it.

As Team Rector I take my responsibility to ensure that all who join us for worship are kept safe and I thank all of you for your wonderful support in doing this throughout this time.

Jane and myself would like to thank all who have sent us cards and gifts and we wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas and we look forward to seeing all who join us at services this Holy Season.

Online Worship at Home video services continue even though churches are open. The online community continues to be an important part of our church. As usual each Sunday’s video service will be available on the day before. We hope you continue to enjoy our weekly Rev Chat video.