Rector’s Weekly Update

From The Hub Covid – 19 Weekly Update Friday 29th May, 2020

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued help, support and encouragement as we come to the end of another week of lockdown. Bit by bit some of the restrictions are being lifted and small numbers may meet together within the guidelines of social distancing, but we have still not received further lifting on the restrictions relating to churches. In fact whilst in conversations with members of our congregations this past week, it was regularly said to me that many will not return if restrictions were lifted until the possible chances of contracting the virus are much lower, and that in the cold winter months worshiping at home was preferable to freezing in some of our churches. So, lots to ponder in the days ahead, especially as to how we can help our communities celebrate the many wonderful acts of kindness and generosity that we have seen and been part of over the months.

I am aware that some of our parishes are being contacted by Crickmay Stark regarding Quinquennial Inspections. Whilst the Archdeacon says these can go ahead with the guidelines being met, can I ask that if you receive a request you do not book an appointment until you have spoken with me? Parishes do not automatically have to go with the same inspecting architect every time and I believe that from time to time it is good practice to consider what else is available. You may or may not know that two of our parishes have had considerable difficulties with Crickmay Stark, resulting in many thousands of pounds of work having to be redone to correct work signed off by them. This is just an observation to buy time to allow PCCs to discuss this when we can meet together again. The final decision on which architect is chosen rests with the PCC, based on their previous experience and relationship with them.

Jo will give an update on all matters relating to worship.


I can’t believe that our tenth week of lockdown is nearly ended. This week has been half term which has meant a break in the structure and routine of school at home. Schools begin to take more pupils back next week, and our local schools have been working hard during the holidays to implement the changes required to allow children to return safely. Do please continue to pray for our school communities at this difficult time. 

I asked two questions on our Beaminster Team Facebook page this week. What have you learned about yourself during lockdown and what have you learned about God? I had a few replies and you will hear those in our worship video this week. I have learned that I can stay at home quite happily with my family. It has been a joy. That has surprised me because during normal times I am rarely at home, popping out here, there and everywhere. Now we are often at home doing different things in different places, don’t believe that it is quality family time every moment – far from it, but we have enjoyed being at home together. I have been reminded that God is present in the 24/7 reality of life, from the first cup of tea of the day to the prayers as my head hit the pillow at night. Our life’s work is to recognise God with us all the time and use our lives in his service. It has made me think about my vocation, calling and what I usually spend most of my time doing. 

I have been reading Nehemiah this week and reminding myself that “the joy of the Lord is our strength” Nehemiah 8:10

As we continue with online worship for the next few weeks, I would love to continue sharing photos, comments even video messages from our communities in our weekly worship. I hope to do some lockdown interviews with people in our local communities about what life has been like for them under lockdown. If you’d like to be interviewed let me know. But do please bombard my inbox with pictures and updates – it is so uplifting to see how people are from all over the team. 

Worship at home this week is for Pentecost. The service will be on the website on Sat 30 May.

Coffee Zoom at 10am on Sunday 31 May – wear red if you like, to celebrate Pentecost. A glass of fizz and some birthday cake perhaps as we celebrate the birthday of the church? Whatever takes your fancy. The Zoom coffee invite remains the same every week. Do you have a friend or neighbour who might enjoy a social time online – then do invite them.

Thank you to those who have joined in as part of Thy Kingdom Come over the last ten days. 

Our Thursday prayers continue at 7pm every Thursday – the Zoom link also remains the same for this meeting.

We have worked very hard to keep everyone informed and included in how church has continued during lockdown. However, do please keep forwarding information to each other. We don’t have a central team database of emails for everyone, we rely on you to share the information. So please do forward this information on to anyone who you think might like to receive it. 

Every blessing, Jo