Christian Aid Week

All our events and plans for Christian Aid week this year have had to be cancelled, however there are still many ways to join in virtually. 

See The Christian Aid website for information. 

You can donate online or via the telephone

You can send an e-Envelope which is a personalised message to friends and family. 

There are online fundraising events such as virtual quizzes or taking 300,000 steps in the month of May. And lots of other resources online. 

You can also sign up for daily reflections led on Sunday by Dr Rowan Williams and then by other celebrities during the week.

Judith Hansen, our Christian Aid coordinator for the team writes: 

Christian Aid Week 10th-16 th May 2020 is NOT cancelled. As I write, all our thoughts at the moment must surely be focused on the Coronavirus and in particular all those who are suffering, those who have died, those who have already lost loved ones, those who are battling to save lives, those living in fear, those who must rely on others for their food, those providing deliveries etc.

You may think that this is not the time to be thinking about the work of Christian Aid and to donate. However, Christian Aid week is normally their biggest source of income and the effect of not being able to do house to house collections or fundraising events will be devastating. Work to alleviate the effects of Climate change is so vital for those around the world who live in far more difficult circumstances than we can ever imagine. Also the world’s poorest countries have the weakest health systems and many don’t have access to water – walking miles to find any – so many of the most vulnerable people will be exposed to this deadly Covid 19 virus and they really need our donations.

Christian Aid and their partners already have experience of limiting the spread of infection during the Ebola crisis, and will build on this experience to continue to stand together with communities living in poverty during this period. If infection rates develop as they have in Europe, then people in poorer countries will be hit even harder. Many are already living with reduced health resilience because of extreme poverty or in overcrowded humanitarian camps and in countries which do not have the healthcare infrastructures needed to combat widespread disease. Christian Aid will be working on the ground to help prepare communities to limit the impact of Covid-19.

Your money is so vital at this time. Please , if you are in a position to be able to donate you can do so online via the Christian Aid Website or by phoniing O20 7523 2493. Even if you can’t donate please pray throughout the week that Christian Aid and its partners will be able to continue with their vital work, helping those whose lives are already being affected by Climate Change and now Covid 19. Thank you.