December Eco Church Update

I am writing this on 11th November, a day on which many of us stood near the lovingly prepared memorial in the Square, to pay tribute to all those who gave their lives in fighting for peace.

This takes my mind on to Christmas, a time we celebrate & give thanks for God’s gift to us of his Son coming among us a baby. This festival is marked by our giving of gifts to one another and those around the world who are struggling just to live.

May I encourage you to consider giving virtual gifts. We had great fun choosing from the Send a Cow catalogue (from the organisation set up by a group of Somerset farmers 30 years ago supporting the rural poor in Africa) These included the gift of a chicken to be given to a family in Uganda for two of our grandchildren, a Tippy-Tap for a village with no hand washing facilities for a teenager etc.

There are many other such organisations you can choose from.

Eco Tips

  • Reverse Advent Calendar-each day get a family member to put an item in a box. Donate it to a charity
  • Love leftovers- Have fun in turning them into a new meal                             
  • Give an ethically sourced or Fairtrade or homemade gift.   
  • Chose a real Christmas Tree that you can replant in the garden for next year 
  • Re-use Christmas wrapping paper & avoid shiny metallic paper

Gillian Perrott