Dorset Police Issues Scam Alert

Dorset Police wishes to make everyone aware of a scam that is going around our area. Please pass this information around as widely as you are able to.

We have had a large number of fraud related incidents in the Bridport area, reported to us this month.

The caller introduces themselves as a Police Officer or a member of Bank staff. They will either say that they have a suspect in custody who has been using your bank details or that the bank staff are involved and are corrupt.

They will keep you on the phone sometimes for hours, often requesting you to leave your phone live and off the hook.

They will ask you to assist with their investigation, go to the bank and withdraw several thousands of pounds, they will promise that you will get the funds back after they have checked it.

They will tell you to tell lies to the bank staff when they ask you questions about your widraw.

On your return home they will ask you to read out some serial numbers on the notes and will tell you that the notes are counterfeit.

They will then ask you to either

Wrap up the notes and send it special delivery to an address provided. On your return from the post office, they will ask for the tracking number so they can track the package.


They will send a courier/person to your home address who will be part of the scammers team. The courier will give you a password that the courier will give you when picking up the package.


1.The Police or the bank will never ask you to assist with any investigation

2.The Police or the bank will never ask you to remove money or transfer your money from your account.

3. The police or the bank will never attend your address to pick up bank cards or cash.

If you have been subject to this scam please contact Dorset Police on 101 or

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