January 2021 Eco Church Update

What a year we’ve just had. The huge challenge of Covid virus resulting in suffering and death, straining our NHS, causing loss of business, jobs and widespread closures. Let us do all we can this new year to protect ourselves and others until the vaccines are having an effect .                                                         

Then there is the enormous threat of climate change, which is now an emergency we all need to face. Let us play our part in living more lightly on our earth, reducing our carbon footprint. A small group has just completed The Dorset Green Living Guide project. This is an excellent way of becoming more informed, reassessing what we do and taking actions. The result was that most of us reduced our carbon footprints by a third or half. The comments from participants were very positive and we all enjoyed it although we had to be resourceful on how to meet depending on Covid restrictions. If anyone is interested in taking part in a future course please get in touch.

The good news is that the splendid rose, Golden Celebration, has been lovingly planted with a label in the churchyard for all to enjoy. 

Eco Tips

  • Plan to grow more vegetables  and pollinator flowers in tubs or garden. Maybe ask for an allotment if you are ambitious.
  • Look at food labels  and buy locally produced  and in season if you can.        
  • Try out more vegetarian meals. Many are delicious  and better for you 

Gillian Perrott