January 2022 Eco Church Update

A new year, new hopes, new ideas and new resolutions so how do we want to start this year? How can we make a difference to our rapidly declining wildlife?

If your garden is big enough, why not create a dead hedge from all the autumn and winter pruning. You can keep adding to it year on year as it gradually decomposes from the bottom. It is brilliant for wildlife and saves having to use the local garden waste bins or making a bonfire.

How can we reduce the amount of plastic in our waste? Remember to take your reusable, cleaned plastic containers when you buy fresh meat or fish to avoid plastic wrappings. Also try to buy loose vegetables taking you own reusable bags. You can then enjoy picking out exactly what you want.

How can we reduce our carbon emissions, which sadly add to climate change? Think twice about jumping in the car to go short distances and reduce the number of times going further afield by careful forward planning of journeys. What about dressing more warmly and turning the heating down a degree or two?

To get many more ideas and work together, consider joining the Beaminster Area ECO Group (includes the surrounding villages) and/or Beaminster Earth Alliance.

What about joining a Dorset Green Living Guide group to get lots of ideas on all sorts of things we can do. It’s fun, interactive, interesting & a way of making new friends.

Gillian Perrott