Jesus Rocks

I have been moved by the response to Jesus Rocks – both in other churches picking up the idea for themselves and how people locally have responded.

Some have eagerly searched for him, delighting in finding him and taking him home to treasure and popping their pictures on our Facebook page to share their joy. Others have found him by accident and then not know what to do with him. Some have found Jesus and returned him to where they think he might belong, back in church, rather than out in the world. Still others have ignored him, out of ignorance, not knowing about the Jesus Rocks project, or because they don’t consider him important. Yet others have thrown him away or tried to destroy him – choosing to reject him.

For me it has mirrored some of humanity’s responses to Jesus as shown in the gospels and through history. What powerful symbolism in the painting and distributing of a few rocks.

Jesus came into the world, God’s Son, Emmanuel – God with us. He came for all of us, to demonstrate God’s love for us. It is our choice to receive him. If you would like to find out more about Jesus then you could come to any of our services, pop in to see us at Walk in Wednesday, send us an email or give us a ring or have a look at this website. Happy New Year.
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