July 2022 Eco Church Update

Hopefully July will see the Beaminster church carbon zero project come into being with aid from a Low Carbon Dorset Grant.

This will be in two parts.

Firstly, we will be generating electricity by installing an array of 40 solar panels on the south aisle roof.

Secondly we will be changing our under floor heating from gas to electricity by means of two air source heat pumps.

On sunny days in all but summer months, we will be providing energy to run our background heating. During the summer months we will be selling our surplus electricity to the grid.

The work is being carried out by two local renewable energy firms; solar panels by Evergreen Renewables from Lyme Regis, and ASHPs by G R Edwardes from Bridport. The wooden enclosure to shield the pumps is being made by Adam Fox joinery in Beaminster. We could hardly get more local than that, saving many transport miles.

On Saturday 16th July from 9am to 1pm, Beaminster Earth Alliance will mount a display of stalls in the Square. This is to highlight our aim for Beaminster to go plastic free and to talk about how to be sustainable in our town.

July 3rd is International Plastic Bag Free day. Remember to take your material or strong paper carrying bags when going shopping. Avoid buying any plastic bags.

Gillian Perrott