June 2021 Eco Church Update

Archbishop Tutu reminds us: “We think of ourselves far too frequently as individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world”. A big thank you to all who gave so generously to Christian Aid in May. Part of that money will go to aid people in the developingd world, dependant on growing crops to survive, who are experiencing the drought of climate change, and hardly contributing to carbon emissions.

Considering biodiversity in and around Beaminster, let us strive to protect and learn about our precious environment. Our congratulations to Mountjoy School for gaining its Green Flag ECO Award, covering a range of projects on taking responsibility for protecting our planet. This is the highest schools ECO award. All three of our schools have active ECO groups and Forest School embedded in their curriculum. St Mary’s Academy has an excellent large conservation area including a pond containing a protected species, the Great Crested Newt. The Comprehensive School manages the woodland adjoining the recreation field.

Our lovely churchyard with The Living Churchyard Gold Award & the ECO Church Gold Award is for all to enjoy. The wildflower areas have rare species of wild flowers, grasses and insects including the rare wart biter bush-cricket.

We’d love you, whatever your age, to come & take part in our Churches Count on Nature 2021 at St Mary’s Churchyard. Saturday 12 June 2021. Time 2-4pm.

Gillian Perrott