June 2022 Eco Church Update

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations are happening here and all over the UK early this month. The Queen’s Green Canopy, an initiative that began in May 2021 is part of this great event. The aim is to increase and protect the native tree cover. People are urged to create this special gift for the Queen, to mark her 70 years on the throne.

I was invited to plant an oak tree (numbered 54) for Beaminster as part of 100 planted at Hilfield Friary on December 18th last year. I saw the tree recently and it is doing well. 

The Woodland Trust is offering a tree pack for schools and community group. Successful applicants will receive their trees in November 2022 as that is a good time to plant trees.  

BAEG has a supply of tees donated by Groves so if you want to plant a tree in your garden contact Sheila Hawkins 01308 868806/07745465522 or Michael Dower 01308 861515. For all 35 who joined the community litter pick early May the refreshments at the Ollerod afterwards were very welcome. Hopefully the posters will go up in the shops for the next one in August.

Gillian Perrott