May 2021 Eco Church Update

The latest Beaminster Eco Church news from Gillian for May 2021.

I write this at the time of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death. What an outstanding encouragement his life has been. Amongst the many attributes we heard of, I was impressed by him linking his strong faith to caring for God’s earth. His support for conservation and speaking out for us to act is key. I also didn’t know he had solar panels installed long ago on the Sandringham estate. His interest and concern for people of many nations, the community, and especially the young with his D of E award scheme was outstanding.

One community action we can do is to consider joining a litter pick. A reminder that we will, all being well, hold our next one here on Saturday 22nd May at 10am for an hour. The meeting place in future will be in the car park opposite the Barton House Surgery. All equipment provided. Our motto this month is ‘War on Waste’ the Rs:- Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Refuse—plastic wrappings.

Local Recycling

  • Co-op: Batteries                                                                                          
  • Car Park far end: Foil & Salvation Army container for clothes, shoes                                                                    
  • Beaminster Church: Clean dry animal feed pouches                      
  • Beaminster School or Beaminster Church: Crisp & snack packets    
  • Pharmacy : Blister pill packs                                        
  • Weldmar charity shop: Clothes, puzzles, DVD’s etc

Gillian Perrott