Psalm 23

Here in our latest video for Schools Collective Worship Rev Jo explores Psalm 23.

Some activities you could do: 

Some activities linked to Psalm 23

Listen to the version of Psalm 23 we sing at school

Have a go at making a sheep: you could draw one, paint one, make one out of cotton wool bolls, make a pom pom sheep if you have wool, make one out of a paper plate? Just google “simple sheep craft” for some ideas. 

Try drawing Psalm 23 for yourself like I did in the video. 

Next time you go on a walk imagine God walking with you. Where does he go – behind you, next to you, in front of you? What might he do to protect you? You may find that if you are walking with an adult, they do a good job of keeping you safe. What are they doing to help you? God is like an extra special parent, always taking care of us. 

Watch an episode of Timmy Time or Shaun the Sheep and enjoy a good giggle. 

Look out for any sheep or lambs on your walk and take a picture.

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