Rev Chat

Join Rev David and Rev Jo each week for their video podcast Rev Chat. Here they tackle each week’s Gospel reading, their thoughts on the week, and occasionally there’s some silliness. But only very very occasionally.

Rev Chat – Episode 40

David has some trouble with a local moggy, and Jo and David continue to discuss Matthew. Yes it’s this week’s episode of the Rev Chat…

Rev Chat – Episode 39

This week Revs David and Jo continue their exploration of Matthew with “come follow me”.

Rev Chat – Episode 38

This week Revs David and Jo continue their exploration of Matthew, bandwidth allowing.

Rev Chat – Episode 35

This week Revs David and Jo discussing dieting, and loaves and fishes.

Rev Chat – Episode 34

Revs David and Jo bravely tackle this week’s theological conundrums despite the Beaminster Team coming under attack from the Luftwaffe of the insect world.

Rev Chat – Episode 33

It’s the end of an era as the youngest Neary leaves primary School. Plus we’ve got some good old-fashioned Hell and damnation.

Rev Chat – Episode 32

This week David looks forward to the start of the cricket season; and David and Jo discuss the parable of the sower.

Rev Chat – Episode 31

Welcome to this week’s Rev Chat where we learn of David’s Zoom and car problems, and there’s a little Easter Egg for fans of Rev…
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