Schools Collective Worship – A Dreadful Day

This week Rev Fiona discusses the events of Good Friday.

Christians are people who have Jesus as the King of their lives, and we think Jesus dying and rising again is the most important thing that has ever happened in history.

More important than the great fire of London, more important than England winning the world cup, even more important than Christmas.

Explore: I wonder what it means to be kind, who is the kindest person you know?, how can kindness help in a relationships, what does it feel like when people are not kind, and people take you for granted. How can you demonstrate being kind at: school, home, or in a after school clubs?

Challenge: Cut out a cross, write on them things you want to improve on or write your hope’s for the forthcoming year, and pray about it. Stick it on your bedroom wall, or make a big cross and stick all the crosses on it and pray as a class about them.