Strive first for the Kingdom of God

Our Gospel tomorrow is Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus encourages us to avoid worry and to strive for his Kingdom.

Some of the questions I’m hoping to explore tomorrow are:

  • How we can relieve worry?
  • How we can live more simply?
  • How we can reorder our priorities?
  • How we can live out God’s Kingdom values in our day to day life?

I stumbled upon an amazing project in a refugee camp helping people grow plants on discarded foam mattresses. I have been pondering how this project seems to reflect some of the challenges in this gospel. Instead of considering the lilies of the field I have been considering the salad plants of Zaatari. Listening to those involved in the hydroponic crop growing has helped me count my blessings, be inspired by fellow humans and shown me Kingdom values of love, kindness and generosity.

A prayer for today.
Heavenly Father help us to worry less. Help us to strive and struggle for your Kingdom. Help us to see your activity in the world through the actions of our fellow humans. Help us to increase our faith and to live your way. Amen

Listen to the radio clip on this bbc webpage
Contribute to the project on its official webpage.

Here’s the video version of the same story on the BBC website.

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