Send Us Your News & Events

Do you have a genuinely interesting story or news to share from your village? Perhaps you’ve got an event coming up you want to tell the wider world about. Maybe you’ve already had a great event you want to tell us about and share some images.

If your story or event is non-commercial and in the Beaminster Team Area then we’d be happy to consider it for submission. Really good stories with interesting images will feature in our front page slider and forthcoming events promoted in the site menu.

There are some things to take note of before submitting:

1, Have you provided all the information? Assume those reading don’t know about your story as most will not. Be clear and detailed. For example make sure you make am/pm times clear.
2, Please do check for replies if we need to ask further questions.
3, If you want to provide contact information consider including an email address or social media too, we are on the internet after all.
4, Images should be of a high quality and good resolution.
5, By all means tell us about your event with a copy of a poster or artwork, but we won’t put the actual poster or artwork online. It is best practice to post information in text form on the website rather than within images for several reasons – (a) it can be searched, (b) it can be increased in size in a browser for the visually impaired, (c) screen readers for the blind can read the text, (d) text works better on devices with small screens.
6, If you are submitting photographs please ensure that everyone in those images has given their consent to appearing online.
7, Consider the lead time when submitting news or an event. It won’t necessarily be posted on the day of submission. Get your story in nice and early.
8, All copy and images with be reviewed and edited by the website editor.
9, Submission does not guarantee publication.

So if you’ve got something you want to tell the rest of the Beaminster Team villages please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email the website editor via

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.