The Road to Emmaus

Here in the first of our videos for Schools Collective Worship Rev Jo explores the Road to Emmaus from Luke 24:13:35.

Some activities you could do: 

Make a road and go on a journey: you could do paper and pen, chalk on a pavement, make a road of cushions or pebbles or follow a path in the garden. Take someone on a journey: some toy cars, a person, your favourite cuddly toys. What do you notice along the road you are travelling? Is it smooth or bumpy? What is at the end of the road? 

Give thanks for your food. In the story Jesus broke bread with his friends and gave thanks for the food. Before you eat a meal today perhaps say thank you to God for the food you are going to share. 

Take some time to talk to Jesus. Imagine he is with you sitting next to you or walking round the garden with you. What do you need to tell him? We believe that Jesus is with us through his Holy Spirit. We can’t see him, we have faith that he is there.  

Feeling adventurous? Perhaps set up the story with some Lego figures and then take some pictures or create an animation. Or make the Road to Emmaus in Minecraft? 

Do share any pictures of your Road to Emmaus creations – email them to Rev Jo

External Resources

You can watch another version of the same story here –

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