April 2022 Eco Church Update

Throughout Lent there has been an outpouring of giving: money, goods, and time to the people of Ukraine. We thought things were bad enough with global warming and climate change followed by the Covid pandemic; but now are faced with the horrors happening in Ukraine. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering so much unimaginable pain and loss.

We all need to prepare ourselves for cutting back on our living standards as the effects of soaring price rises result. In this way we can stand with the people of Ukraine. As we celebrate Easter and new life let us think and act to be more resourceful for example growing our own vegetables in any space we can. Later in the year we can share any surplus produce with others. We can all buy local produce rather than being so reliant on imports from abroad. In that way we can support our own farmers and growers.

Remember wildlife: Fill bird feeders for adults and their young. Fill small nets with hair, moss etc. to help birds line their nests. Sew wildflowers seeds for Bees & other insects. Avoid using slug pesticides by using natural barriers such as sheep wool or coffee grounds.

Gillian Perrott