Beaminster & A Rocha ECO Survey

News on the Beaminster Area Team’s ECO credentials from Gill Perrott.

“I’ve had a long standing interest in the environment & conservation being a supporter of Christian environmental charity A Rocha for many years. Last summer Revd Canon David Baldwin asked me if I would like to take on the task of registering our church in the A Rocha ECO Survey. With a bit of trepidation I agreed and that’s where our journey began.


“It seemed a little daunting at first and I thought the best way to start was to submit articles for our Team News magazine. So my monthly contribution began last July. Then the business of working through the survey and gradually bringing some small changes.


“In the autumn I was joined by 5 others to form an ECO Team. This was excellent as it helped share the load and provided new ideas.


“As to the survey the section on land was already very high scoring. We have a keen church gardening group who achieved the Living Churchyard Gold Award 2017. The most difficult section was that of the buildings as our church is listed and church office is rented. However the recently revised survey, which addresses the listed buildings issue helped us with that.


“About a month ago, to raise the profile of ECO Church and inform our congregations we set up a board at the back of church. At about the same time I was able to submit our signed application form for the Bronze Award and we are now the proud owners of one.”

Thanks for keeping us up to date with this Gill.