Eco Church News

What a huge change in our circumstances we have been facing and having to adapt to. The Corona pandemic has left its stamp on all levels of society, both developing and rich western countries causing huge loss of life and economic crises.

But against all that is bad and negative some good is emerging. The reduction in travel particularly by flying and cruising has had a huge impact by reducing our carbon footprint. We all both humans and created beings of land, sea, and sky will benefit. Our planet earth must be rejoicing in relief of the threats overhanging it.

We are all finding a new way to live with less stuff, using our supplies wisely diminishing food waste etc. Our gardens are reaping the benefits of hours of attention and care. The bees are busy pollinating and birds can be heard more easily with loss of traffic noise. The Spring flowers have been a riot of colour in the glorious sunny weather.

We have discovered ways of caring for each other, the isolated, lonely, elderly, housebound. The Town Council, Food Bank, and local shops have done sterling work trying to make sure every one in need has some food and their medications supplied.

Sew all the vegetable seeds you can this year.
Look thankfully at the flowers and birds around you.
Thank God for the beauty surrounding Beaminster.
Thank God for those in government, NHS, and many others who are caring for our well-being.

As I write this we are 6 weeks into Lockdown. We are all wondering how it will unlock and what changes there will be. It is our opportunity to change the way we live to help in achieving our country’s goal of carbon reduction.

What a joy to have cleaner air to breathe, to hear the increased bird song, to enjoy a walk in the lovely countryside that surrounds us and gaze at the spring flowers and blossom. We are blessed indeed to live here. Our thoughts go out to those in overcrowded blocks of flats in inner cities, those who are losing their jobs, those who have lost loved ones in difficult circumstances and those who are experiencing increased abuse.

It is a chance and time for thinking differently, innovation of new technologies working for the good of the environment, less consumerism, reduction in flying etc. We have discovered new ways to communicate using our computers and phones for meetings and keeping in touch with family and friends. We have discovered new dedication in caring for others.

We have applauded the NHS and other essential workers each Thursday evening as we join in the nations appreciation by clapping, ringing of bells and banging of saucepans.

Our plans are going ahead with the tentatively titled ‘Community, Climate and Wildlife Day – A west Dorset Road Show’ at the moment booked for Saturday October 17.

– Gillian Perrott