God’s Many Rooms

In the latest Beaminster school’s collective worship video Rev Jo talks about the many rooms in God’s house.  

Some activities thinking about dwelling in God’s house

Make a house: use a shoe box, draw one, make one out of recycling, make one in Minecraft, build one out of Lego. What do you think God’s house might look like? What makes it different from a normal house? Is there room for all us?

As you go for a walk ask God to bless all the people living in the houses you pass. Or have a look at your neighbourhood on Google Maps. You won’t know them all, but God will. Dear God, bless the people living in my street. Give them all the help they need. Amen.

Think about the home you are living in. How could you help make your home an amazing place? Have a go at keeping part of your home clean and tidy this week – without being asked.

We think about people who perhaps don’t have a safe home at the moment. Dear God, we pray that you will help people have a safe place to live. Amen.

Have a listen to a worship song: