February 2021 Eco Church Update

This month Fairtrade celebrates its mission.

This is from its website: “Covid-19 has shown us how inter-dependent we are globally. The economic impact of the virus has been huge. People in developing countries who grow and make products for the UK have been particularly hard hit – reduced orders have meant produce has gone unsold and wages unpaid. Millions of farmers growing coffee, tea, cocoa and bananas for the UK have seen their incomes fall and are struggling to feed their families and send their children to school. A cornerstone of Fairtrade is the requirement for farmers to be organised at a community level. For many that’s been a lifeline – Fairtrade producers have used their premiums to help their communities’ pandemic response.”

Fairtrade stops exploitation of farmers in third world countries and works for Global Justice. According to the Fairtrade International website, over 27,000 products carry the Fairtrade mark to be sold in 120 countries. 1,210 Fairtrade certified producer organisations working in 74 producing countries, represent over 1.4 million farmers and workers.

Eco Tips

  • So please look out for this symbol when you shop & consider buying these goods. The Co-op is a good source.

Gillian Perrott