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On the 1st of December local charity The Prout Bridge Project launched a Crowdfunder campaign ‘Support our Future: Prout Bridge Project.’

The Prout Bridge Project is a local cornerstone charity and a pillar within the community that nurtures the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children, young people, and adults.

Multiple essential services are housed under one roof in a welcoming community centre, used by hundreds of people every week, including:

  • Safe and supportive youth clubs where our young people can thrive, in sports, music, art, outdoor and other activities. Physical activities on offer include football, hockey, basketball, rounders, badminton, tennis, table tennis, scooters, skateboarding, running and games. We also have a youth band – the Phoenix.
  • Experienced youth worker mental health support in schools and one-to-one sessions for young people who are struggling + outreach in the town, skatepark and surrounding villages
  • A free adult counselling service for anyone over 16 that people can turn to in crisis and time of need
  • A community hub, bringing people together in local social, sports and craft groups + a baby and parent group, providing a safe warm space, and giving easy access to the Food Bank, Citizens Advice, Read Easy adult literacy and the Clothes Bank 4 Ukraine.

This highly respected charity receives no ongoing Dorset or Town Council funding and has to fundraise tirelessly to keep going via grants and donations. It runs a lean operation underpinned by volunteer involvement, but it still costs around £100k a year to run Prout Bridge for your local area.

With rising costs and fewer grants available, especially to small, rural charities, it’s getting ever harder to keep the doors open. It is not alone – 85% of charities say this winter will be as tough, or tougher, than the last (NCVO). Despite costs climbing and funding falling, demand for its services are constantly increasing.

Although it has secured some 2024 grant funding already, it still faces a significant funding gap for the next year. It is sadly having to plan towards revising its services and cutting back if it can’t secure immediate financial assistance.

The consequences would go beyond the loss of services and would have a devastating impact on the fabric of the community. Young people use the Prout Bridge Project as a trusted source of guidance and support, a place where they take part, learn, grow and be understood. People of all ages use the Prout Bridge Project as an accessible space to come together to connect and a route to practical help at times of crisis.

For many in the community travelling elsewhere or taking part in other activities is not affordable. Other services have been cut back to almost nothing and waiting lists are impossibly long. As a beacon of hope within the community, this really is an irreplaceable provision, building community resilience in tough times. It is no overstatement to say that the Prout Bridge Project has saved lives. We cannot lose it now, in a cost-of-living and mental health crisis when people need it more than ever.

You can find The Prout Bridge Project Crowdfunder page by visiting –

The Prout Bridge Project needs to raise at least £20,000 before Christmas. This would give it the breathing space to apply for more grants and sponsorship to plug the funding gap and keep services running through 2024.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position that you can afford to give this Christmas time, please, support your local charity and donate what you can now to its December appeal. All it asks is that you give what you can. If we all give a bit, we can achieve a lot. Every pound will be spent delivering these services, and every pound counts.

All the money it raises through this Crowdfunder campaign will go directly to the running costs of the charity – paying for its experienced and committed staff, running, the community building and outreach and supporting the other services, clubs and activities on offer.

It is hoping to raise enough money to cover at least two months of running costs. This will allow the charity to continue to offer its full youth community and mental health provision, as well as giving it more time to fundraise and secure grant funding to the end of 2024 and beyond.

People don’t have to exclusively donate through the Crowdfunder page as cheques can be made out to “Prout Bridge Project” or cash can be put in an envelope and put through the letterbox of Prout Bridge Project, 6 Prout Bridge, Beaminster, DT8 3AY.

It is so grateful for your support and will continue to update you with their progress. And please spread the word, share this page with people you know, tell them about the Prout Bridge Project and why it matters to you.

For further information about the Prout Bridge Project please visit their website – Prout Bridge Project

The charity’s users say:

  • “The Prout Bridge Project has been a life saver by supporting us through challenging mental health issues caused by trauma. I’ve been incredibly impressed by the variety of services they offer – and which has been impossible to get elsewhere. Thank you.”
  • “They helped a lot because now I know how to deal with anxiety”
  • “It’s a happy and fun social place.”
  • “To say I would not be here today without the help from the counselling I had would be an understatement.”
  • “It’s fun and a reason to come out and do something.”
  • “I feel safe and comfortable at the youth club.”
  • “I think it is an amazing service – would 100% recommend.”
  • “They helped me a lot, made me realise I am able to talk to someone about how I feel.” • “It’s warm.”
  • “I would be sat at home doing nothing if I didn’t come to youth club.”
  • “I volunteer because it teaches me to work out money and socialise, and this helps my anxiety.”
  • “I like to make new friends.”
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