Holy Trinity Collective Worship

Join Rev Jo for an exploration of the Holy Trinity; for schools, children, and families.

“Three” treasure hunt. Have a look around your house or your garden for things that have the number 3 in, or have 3 sides, or have 3 leaves. What can you find? Is there a rose with 3 blooms on a stem? Or a plant with three leaves, or a tree with three branches? Where does the number 3 appear? Do you live at number 3? Are there 3 people in your house?

Explore as many things to do with 3 that you can. Take a photo, write a list or draw some of your objects.

Drawing – have a go at drawing a Celtic knot which can be used to represent the Trinity. https://easydrawingguides.com/how-to-draw-a-celtic-knot/ gives some instructions or find some visual instructions on YouTube. 

Draw the Trinity. How could represent God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a drawing? Or perhaps just draw a Holy Octopus.