Ideas for Children & Families at Easter

Welcome to our ideas for what to do to celebrate Easter this year.

You could paint a rainbow and display it in your window to encourage others. As you use each different colour think about the different people who are busy helping people today. 

You could make a cross to remind you of Jesus. Cut one out of paper, find two sticks and tie them together, make one out of Lego, or Hama beads or anything else you have around. Put it somewhere were you can see it and remember how much God loves us and will take care of us. 

Make a thank you card and send it to someone. Or make a card and take a photo of it and then send them the photo. Say thank you to anyone you like for something they have done for you this week. 

If you have a bible or bible storybook at home perhaps you could find the Easter story and read it on your own or with someone. Palm Sunday is this Sunday, 5th April and Easter Day is the following week, 12th April. So perhaps you could read the right bit of the story on each day. 

Or get someone to help you find the Easter story on YouTube. There are some links here:

If you are lucky enough to get an Easter egg this year – remember that if it is hollow it can remind you of the tomb being empty because Jesus had risen.

If you like singing or dancing you could also use YouTube to find some Christian songs or hymns that we sing at school. Try looking for The Lord of the Dance or The Lord’s my Shepherd. 

We’ve also written some ideas down for every day between Palm Sunday and Easter Day with a pray, bible story and something to do for every day. It will be available at the bottom of this page. 

Perhaps you could pray to God either in your own head quietly or out loud with someone else. You can tell God anything you like and ask him anything too. Just spend time remembering that God is with us. 

Finally – perhaps you would like to join me in praying the Lord’s Prayer using the actions we use at school or Messy Church.

Read the ideas document below or download it for yourself.


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