January 2023 Eco Church Update

What changes will 2023 bring? What do we hope and wish for? Reflecting on the state of our world may send us into despair, thinking there’s little we can do to feed the starving in East Africa, to halt the killing and destruction in Ukraine, to stop the floods and disasters that chaotic weather brings.

But pause for a moment and reflect on the created world. Plants die, seeds fall to the earth and get trampled under foot or buried in the soil. Then the wonder of spring returns once more and new life emerges, grows and matures to delight and feed us again. Creatures awake from hibernation and give birth, insects emerge to pollinate flowers and fill the air with their humming.

We can make a difference as we take action to care for all creatures and fellow human beings. Make new resolutions to volunteer to improve the environment following years of destruction.

The Great Big Dorset Hedge is a Dorset Climate Action Network campaign to map, plant, expand, extend and join up sections of hedgerow across Dorset into corridors that promote biodiversity and help wildlife to flourish. A start is being made with the Jubilee trail and Brit Valley Walk. More information and to sign up as volunteer visit the campaign’s website.

January Tips:

  • Keep bird feeders well stocked
  • Care for any hedges you have & plant new if you can
  • Leave piles of branches/logs for insects and small mammals

Gillian Perrott

Friends Jazz Concert
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