Join in with Advent Windows

What are Advent Windows? 

It is a lit window in your house, visible from the street, which is decorated however you want to depict a Christmas carol or a theme from that carol. The window is then lit up on a particular date in December, like an Advent calendar. 

How do I take part?

Find out who your village coordinator is or ask around and form an Advent window group. Then get local people to sign up to take on a window each.  If you live in Broadwindsor or Drimpton you can register direct with me, Rev Jo Neary

Who can take part?

Anyone who would like to. The windows can be decorated any way you like, search online for “Advent Windows” for some creative suggestions. It can be an upstairs or downstairs window, a shop front, a big or small window. It should be visible from the street to avoid people having to come onto your property to view it. 

When are they lit? 

You can choose according to your village preference, but in Broadwindsor we are planning to light the new window at 4pm each day. You can produce a village map so that people will know where to look for the next window or publish a location on a website or village notice board. Once your window is lit then you continue to keep it illuminated for the rest of Advent.  So as the month continues there will more and more windows to view. It is suggested that windows are lit at 4pm and turned off at 10pm each day.  If you volunteer for a date early in the month then your window will be on display for longer than if you are towards the end of the month. 

What does it cost? 

It is free to participate, although the cost of decorations and lights would be borne by each participant. However, if cost is prohibiting you from taking part please do speak to me in confidence. It is not expected that you spend money on decorating your window, amazingly creative ideas can come with some fairy lights and paper. 

What is the point?

The aim is to provide a visual reminder of the Christmas story for the community that can be viewed whatever Covid 19 restrictions are in place. If people gather to look at windows, we ask that they observe the rule of six currently in place, or whatever safety precautions are in place in December 2020. 

What about insurance? 

You don’t need any extra insurance as long as people don’t come onto your property to view the window. 

How do I get involved? 

If you live in Drimpton or Broadwindsor please email me, Jo Neary, to register your interest. If you live in another village then you will need to get a group of people together to organise your own event but please let me know if you are joining in so we can publicise you. 

What if we can’t get 24 people to participate?

Don’t worry. You can make your Advent calendar with as many different people as you can find. If you have more than 24 then you can light more than one a day. If you have fewer than 24 then start your countdown nearer to Christmas. Or you could just illuminate them all on the same day, and keep them all lit during Advent? You can develop the idea to suit your context.