Advent Reflection 02

“Her husband Joseph, being a righteous man and unwilling to expose her to public disgrace, planned to dismiss her quietly.” – Matthew 1:19.

The shocking news of Mary’s pregnancy must have filled Joseph with absolute horror. They had never had sex. Had Mary cheated on him? What next? Break off the engagement?

What is our reaction to sudden and unexpected news that comes out of the blue disrupting our way of life, particularly if we feel the innocent party? Our first instinct probably is to take action against the perpetrator venting anger or frustration.

However, after reflection, Joseph who loved Mary, did not want to ruin her character, so he planned to discreetly end the engagement.

So, like Joseph do not act on instinct straightaway. Consider all consequences, consult with others and above all pray to God.

Prayer – Lord God, when we feel we are innocent victims of an offence or circumstance, help us to find comfort, guidance and resolution in seeking your will.

Action – Consider your instincts. Don’t always fly off the handle. Pause for thought.   

Sue Counsell (St. Mary’s Beaminster)

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