Advent Reflection 23

“and remained there until the death of Herod. This was to fulfil what had been spoken by the Lord through the prophet, ‘Out of Egypt I have called my son.'” – Matthew 2:15


Verse 15 conveys both uncertainty and hope. Joseph and Mary knew they were not safe to return to Judea whilst Herod was alive. However, given they had no idea how long he might live, they faced the prospect of being refugees for an extended period of time. However, there is hope in the longer term. As the prophet Hosea makes clear, harking back to the Exodus from Egypt, God will indeed call his Son out in due course, to Nazareth in Galilee.


Dear Lord, be with us on our journey this Christmas. Give us hope in this time of uncertainty, comfort if we face isolation and joy as we celebrate the birth of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Amen.


Has the need to seek a place of safety led to anyone you know being away from their family this Christmas? If so, why not give them a call to see how they are. Even if you can’t see them in person, a friendly voice on the phone can brighten their day and lessen their loneliness.

Sarah Keen

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